SkyVueSKU: R-OBX-49150-L

Color of Frame: Satin Black
Sound Bar: 20 Watt Sound Bar
Protective Cover: Yes
$4,278 $4,899

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Model Number: R-OBX-49150-L




  • Up to 2x to 10x Brighter
  • Built-In 4K Roku Wi-Fi Multimedia System
  • 2 year warranty
  • Leader in Exceptionally Bright Outdooor Televisions
  • Outstanding durability when exposed to rugged outdoor environments
  • 165,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant in the USA                                                 

When viewing TV outdoors, you need all the brightness (nits) you can get! This fact holds true even for shaded and partial sun outdoor applications. Make sure you know the nit rating before purchasing an outdoor TV.


When your application requires the best...

SkyVue's new Optically Bonded Outdoor TV, showcased in a powder coated rust-free aluminum body. SkyVue's OBX High Definition TVs use a High Bright 700 nit to Ultra-high Bright 3,000 nit LED video panel that is protected by a robust and specially formulated Anti-Glare/Anti-Reflective chemically treated piece of glass that is bonded directly to our panels using the latest in refractive indexed-matched optical clear rated adhesives. SkyVue Outdoor TV includes a built-in Roku system for instant streaming of premier apps. This TV ships with a 2-year warranty. A soundbar is included with the TV or a soundbar upgrade is available.

All SkyVue OBX TVs are manufactured in-house at a 166,000 square foot facility. This ensures that we consistently build a quality product. Businesses nationwide are calling this "The perfect solution for displays in high traffic areas!"

Protection, Clarity, & Optical Bonding…

Through research, testing, and development SkyVue is now able to provide a High Definition Optically Bonded LED TV. Our specially engineered OBX Series offers an increased ruggedness and durability that can withstand the rigors of high-traffic environments. All OBX televisions have chemically treated glass that is bonded directly to our panels, offering a layer of protection that drastically improves readability by reducing reflection, glare, and increasing contrast levels. The glass selected to protect the SkyVue's OBX Series is bonded to the panel by injecting a specialty formulated optically clear color-indexed, hard curing, resin into the space between the LED panel and the glass. This fills any and all voids while eliminating extra reflective surfaces. The SkyVue OBX Optically Bonded Outdoor TV is sure to drastically out performs Non-Bonded Glass Covered (Air-Gap) televisions in the direct sun.

Up to 2X to 10X Brighter than the *Others…

SkyVue is an industry leader in the offering of the Brightest Outdoor TV's and Monitors for residential and commercial applications. Unlike most of its competitors, SkyVue does not offer any models less than a 400 nit brightness. SkyVue models range from 400 nit to an amazing 3,000 nit level of brightness. Not long ago, the 700 to 3,000 nit market was almost all for commercial applications, where they demanded the very best outdoor picture quality. Today, there is a big trend of residential customers wanting the Best Outdoor TV Viewing Experience, and they are purchasing 700 nit to 3,000 nit Outdoor TV's.

Built-In Roku Apps…

The SkyVue Outdoor TV comes with the best available apps on the market today. You can instantly stream a wide variety of music & movies with the integrated built-in Roku system including Netflix, HBO GO, and Hulu Plus! The list goes on and on!

Extra Large Media & Cable Storage Compartment…

Our Weather-Tight Media Compartment will hold multiple sizes of Digital Media Players and allows easy access to all digital inputs. With the cable access port being at the bottom of the compartment, there is a drip loop created that will prevent any external water on the cables entering up into the compartment.

USB Compatible…

Wanting to view photos on the screen or play music to set the mood? Simply connect your digital cameras, USB-enabled MP3 player, or USB storage device, and your media can be uploaded in minutes. This feature allows for dynamic flexibility when sharing images or advertising is essential.

Amazing Sound Quality…

In a noisy outdoor environment, you need high wattage speakers for the best audio clarity. This is how SkyVue Outdoor Speaker Bars were born. They provide you with that Audio Punch needed to attain that great viewing experience outdoors. SkyVue manufactures their own proprietary Outdoor Speaker Bars using the absolute best marine grade speakers. Paired perfectly with a built-in amplifier, this system is proven head and shoulders above the competition.

SkyVue Outdoor TVs are IP Rated…

An IP rating is an International Standard that specifies the degree of protection against dust and water ingress. With an IP55 rating, SkyVue's All-Weather Outdoor Televisions are Built Weather-Tight to prevent any outdoor contaminants or rain water getting in and also to fully function in extreme climate and temperature changes. It is important to have a balance between weather-proofing and temperature control for Outdoor TVs to have optimal performance.

Colors to Match Surroundings…

All SkyVue TV front bezels are offered in 5 premium grade powder coated designer colors to ensure that your Outdoor TV will adapt well with its new environment. The back of the TV comes standard in Satin Black. The SkyVue OBX Series Outdoor TV is above all when it comes to quality, protection & options. Invest in yours today for commercial or residential applications and experience the SkyVue Advantages by joining the SkyVue family!

TV and Speaker bar require outlets for power. A total of 2 plugs (a dedicated standard receptacle) is necessary for operation. If no speaker bar option is selected, the TV will come with no internal speaker, and you will need to connect external auxiliary speakers through one of the available audio ports to receive sound. This can be your existing sound system or consider one of our proprietary Outdoor Speaker Bars. TV is not supplied with a table stand.

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