Avyna Pro-Line 10 x 17 Rectangular, Above Ground Trampoline, Gray

AvynaSKU: AVGR-352

Color: Gray

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The Pro-Line 10 x 17 Rectangular, Above Ground Trampoline, Gray is a high-quality product of Avyna .

The Pro-Line trampoline is an excellently finished trampoline , where a lot of attention has been paid to the small details. It is a very solid trampoline . The flexible springs, which are completely covered by the protective edge, give this Pro - Line excellent suspension. A quality trampoline from a European company Avyna with European safety standards.
The trampoline has a good finish, durable material, high quality and very safe.

Maximum jumping fun for the larger garden, a top trampoline for young champions.


• The Gray safety cushions are made of rock-solid PVC material and have an additional thick filling.

• High security: thick cushioning in the wellbeing cushion, all out front of edge and springs.

• The adaptable springs make the Pro-line trampoline 520x305 cm truly agreeable.

• High security: weighty sewing and secure attaching.

• This Pro-Line 352 has an additional thick and solid casing.

The height of the Avyna Pro Line 10x17 Above Ground Trampoline is 9 feet in total. The trampoline frame sits up 3 feet, and the enclosure adds another 6 feet, making it 9 feet total.


Warranty Terms:

• Frame Lifetime 25+
• Jumping 3 years
• Safety pad 3 years
• Springs 10 years

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