Avyna Pro-Line 10 x 17 Rectangular Above Ground Trampolines With Safety Net

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The Pro-Line 10 x 17 Rectangular Above Ground Trampolines With Safety Net is a genuine quality trampoline with the most noteworthy security level. Because of the creation of the best materials, the rectangular Avyna Pro-Line trampoline has a life expectancy of no under 10 years or more. Much consideration has been paid to a high hopping solace through an ideal proportion of the quantity of springs and their length. Likewise, the material and surface of the bouncing mat guarantee a decent hop.

Easy to assemble features. An extra preferred position is that the trampoline on legs can undoubtedly be moved if vital. From a security perspective, Avyna supplies a trampoline stepping stool with this trampoline complimentary. This makes jumping on and off more secure and trampoline bouncing all the more effectively available.

For ideal security, the Avyna Pro-Line 520x305 cm is provided with a wellbeing net. The organization fulfills all European wellbeing guidelines. Just as the trampoline itself. On account of the bended posts around the security net, one can't get injured on these articles. What's more, the inventive covering access guarantees that the net remains totally shut. Accordingly, the trampoline can never tumble off. The fiberglass ring on the top gives a smooth and beautiful design.



  • 40 cm wide edge for neatness and security
  • of 2.5 cm thick closed-cell foam filling
  • PVC with a thickness of 0.6 mm for water guard
  • High-quality safety pad
  • Easy assembly and solid base Frames
  • Steel Frames and is double hot-dip galvanized (to prevent corrosion)

Trampoline Cloth Features

  • Permatron  material for extra-strong jumping mat made of 
  • With steel fixing hooks with a plastic cover glued

Feathers Features

  • The springs and their length ensures an extremely smooth jump
  • Springs are made of steel, double hot dip galvanized
  • With the Sport springs or Extreme sport springs, this trampoline can be expanded for an even sportier jump

Safety Net Features

  • This can be attached to the posts with loose straps
  • Contains a so-called lock entrance for extra security
  • Posts and edges made of water-repellent PVC

Warranty Terms:

  • Frame 25+ for life
  • Jumping mat 3 years
  • Safety cushion 3 years
  • Feathers 10 years

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