Avyna Pro-Line 10 x 17 Rectangular FlatLevel Trampoline with Safety Net, Gray

AvynaSKU: AVGR-352/SN

Color: Gray

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This Pro-Line 10 x 17 Rectangular FlatLevel Trampoline with Safety Net, Gray from Avyna is a top quality trampoline. The rectangular trampoline originates from the Pro-Line arrangement where great materials and high hopping solace are focal. In addition to other things, a tough casing and twofold stirred springs guarantee a life expectancy of 10 years and more. What's more, the proportion between the quantity of springs and the length of the springs guarantees a smooth hop.

The Avyna Pro-Line level trampoline square shape with net is an entombment trampoline. 'Flatlevel' demonstrates that the trampoline is totally level with the ground level. The whole edge is put 22 cm in the ground. To do this, a pit must be burrowed that is marginally more modest than the predefined trampoline size. For this situation a square shape of 520x305 cm. The sides of the pit are furnished with hard PVC insurance plates. This makes a strong development to immovably put the Avyna Pro-Line level trampoline for a significant stretch of time.

For ideal security, the 520x305 cm rectangular trampoline accompanies a wellbeing net. The organization satisfies all European wellbeing guidelines. Due to the bended posts around the wellbeing net, you can't get injured on the posts. What's more, the covering access guarantees that the security net remains totally shut. This implies that nobody can actually tumble off the trampoline. At long last, the fiberglass ring on the top guarantees a smooth plan.

The hopping mat is exceptional about this Avyna Pro-Line level trampoline square shape 520x305 cm. It is made of permatron with a more open structure than a standard tangle. The supposed 'AirStream' hopping mat guarantees that air moves effectively through the tangle. This outcomes in a fine, smooth hop, without easing back the jumper.

Ideal to know: the level square shape 520x305 cm from Avyna can be extended with Sport or Extreme Sport springs. These springs give a more tight strain, with which a sportier/more dynamic hop is figured it out. You can likewise hop higher with these springs. These springs are prescribed for the accomplished jumper to perform additional stunts.



  • High-quality safety pad 
  • Made of PVC (0.6 mm thick) which makes the edge water-proof
  • 2.5 cm thick foam filling
  • The edge is 40 cm wide to completely cover the trampoline springs and the frame

Trampoline Cloth Features

  • Permatron material-wear and UV resistant
  • Comfortable Jumping
  • with steel fixing hooks with a plastic cover glued

Frame Features

  • With the Sport springs made of steel, double hot dip galvanized
  • The number of springs and their length ensures an extremely smooth jump

Safety Net Features

  • Can be attached to the posts with loose straps
  • Contains a so-called lock entrance for extra security
  • Posts and edges made of water-repellent PVC

Warranty Terms:

  • Frame 25+ for life
  • Jumping mat 3 years
  • Safety cushion 3 years
  • Feathers 10 years

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