Avyna Pro-Line 14-ft In-Ground Trampoline, 430cm Gray

AvynaSKU: AVGR-14-I

Color: Gray

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The Avyna Pro-Line inground trampoline 430 cm is a top notch completed trampoline with a smooth hop. The trampoline gives additional bouncing solace because of the enormous hopping surface with adaptable and long springs. Because of the piece of the best materials for this trampoline, this Avyna Pro-Line inground trampoline has a solidness of 10 years and more.

The Avyna Pro-Line inground trampoline is an inground trampoline. The casing is set straightforwardly on ground level and an opening must be burrowed under the bouncing mat. For instance, the Pro-Line in-ground 430 cm trampoline will in the long run be 20 cm over the ground level. The huge bit of leeway of this is that the trampoline is pleasantly consolidated into the nursery picture. Also, a well-being net isn't generally fundamental when there is, at any rate, one meter of free space accessible around the trampoline (anyway we do suggest this for additional security). The Avyna Pro-Line inground trampoline edge is furnished with a long overhanging fold with air vents. This skirt is basically connected to the ground with stakes. Articles, creatures and youngsters can at this point don't get under the trampoline.

The Avyna Pro-Line inground can be extended with Sport or Extreme Sport springs. This fixes the strain of the springs and makes more activity with the trampoline. The trampoline bounces much higher and more energetic. Particularly reasonable for the accomplished jumper to perform additional stunts.

Remember that when this trampoline is totally covered (flush with ground level), a damping impact is made. It is then not, at this point conceivable to hop appropriately. All things considered, a level ground trampoline is suggested. These trampolines have an exceptional open tangle structure for an ideal bouncing encounter.

The dark Avyna Pro-Line inground trampoline 430 cm is a trampoline bar none, security, and toughness at a reasonable cost. This trampoline likewise has an official examination for proficient use.



  • The water-resistant edge
  • made of PVC with a thickness of 0.6 mm
  • 40 cm wide to cover the trampoline springs neatness and safeness
  • with air vents for good air distribution and optimal jumping comfort

Trampoline Cloth Features

  • Permatron-for extra-strong  jumping mat
  • with steel fixing hooks with a plastic cover glued

Frame Features

  • Steel double hot-dip galvanized for blocking corrosion 
  • with 4 U legs of 20 cm height.
  • Includes 8  anchors for ground secure attachment 

Feathers Features:

  • 96 springs
  • feathers length of 21.50 cm
  • extremely smooth jumping experienced
  • With the Sport springs or Extreme sport springs, this trampoline can be expanded for an even sportier jump

Warranty Terms

  • Frame 25+ for life
  • Jumping mat 3 years
  • Safety cushion 3 years
  • Feathers 10 years

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