First Degree Fitness E850 UBE Upper Body Ergometer, Fluid Exercise


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10X Fluid Resistance

The E850 UBE is an outstanding upper body ergometer that offers versatility for standing or seated use. Suited to high use facilities, the E850 UBE is a popular choice for commercial gym and professional rehabilitation facilities.

 The E850 has a fixed arm length and self-levelling ergo handles to ensure instant adaptability for high volume use and group fitness. The seat can be adjusted at the turn of a level and moved to the rear of the platform for standing usage.

Offering 10 levels of Fluid Resistance, the E850 UBE boasts FDF’s patented Adjustable Fluid Resistance, offering both forward and backward cycling for total muscle engagement. Designed for compound exercise of the upper body and core stability in standing mode the E850 upper body ergo is a highly motivating piece of gym cardio equipment.

Rower Dimension

Compact Footprint 2160mm x 1620mm (85.04 x 63.78”)
Upright Storage 1400mm x 1020mm (55.12 x 40.16”)
Product Size L 1560mm (61.42”) x W 1020mm (40.16”) x H 1400mm (55.12”)
Max User Weight 150kg (330lbs)

Shipping Dimensions - Box 1

Size 1170 x 770 x 780mm (46.06 x 30.31 x 30.71”)
Net Weight 89.5kg (197.26lb)
Gross Weight 108kg (238.03lb)
Cubic Metres 0.703 (24.81 cubic feet)

Shipping Dimensions - Box 2

Size 1190 x 780 x 125mm (46.85x 30.71 x 4.92”)
Net Weight 30.58kg (67.42lb)
Gross Weight 33.2kg (73.19lb)
Cubic Metres 0.116 (4.1 cubic feet)

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