First Degree Fitness E950 MEDICAL / REHAB UBE Upper Body Ergometer, Machine


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10X Fluid Resistance

The E950 Medical UBE is our flagship upper body ergometer. It’s versatile nature allows for multiple use types, including wheel chair access and standing access, making it popular with both athletes and rehabilitation professionals.

 The E950 UBE crank arms are powered by FDF’s patented Adjustable Fluid Resistance, meaning the resistance level can be adjusted from feather light to Olympic challenge at the turn of a dial. Operating in both forward and reverse direction, the E950 Medical UBE is a high performing upper body ergo where multiple exercise movements apply.

Designed to endure the toughest environments and high volume use, the E950 Medical UBE has a seat that can be completely removed for wheelchair access (both standard and sports specific), or rolled back to the stop position for standing access.


Rower Dimension

Compact Footprint 2410mm x 1620mm (94.88 x 93.78”)
Upright Storage 1480mm x 1020mm (58.27 x 40.16”)
Product Size L 1810mm (71.26”) x W 1020mm (40.16”) x H 1480mm (58.27”)
Max User Weight 150kg (330lbs)

Shipping Dimensions - Box 1

Size 1170 x 770 x 780mm (46.06 x 30.31 x 30.71”)
Net Weight 91kg (200.56lb)
Gross Weight 111kg (244.64lb)
Cubic Metres 0.703 (24.81 cubic feet)

Shipping Dimensions - Box 2

Size 1205 x 780 x 125mm (47.44 x 30.71 x 4.92”)
Net Weight 42.34kg (93.34lb)
Gross Weight 44.7kg (98.55lb)
Cubic Metres 0.118 (4.15 cubic feet)

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