Ideavit Solid Harmony Elongated freestanding bathtub. 69x39x26 inch

PSC BathSKU: PS IDV 290113

Color: White

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The Ideavit Solid Surface is another age Solid Surface Material . It is made of 66% regular mineral powder got from bauxite (ATH – aluminum trihydrate) as principle segment and a low level of high-obstruction saps, shades and impetuses . This arrangement gives IDEAVIT SolidSurface various selective highlights: It doesn't have any pores, it is antibacterial with no kind of added substance, it is hard-wearing, exceptionally safe and simple to fix, it just requires least support and is anything but difficult to clean. For all intents and purposes flame resistant , as it doesn't permit fire to spread , it has simultaneously low warm conductivity and subsequently high insulative limit . Its consistency permits the making of totally consistent joints and the excellence of negligible , lean , delightful items to make your regular day to day existence shockingly better. On account of its high Light Reflective Value and similarly high Whiteness we locate an unadulterated and radiant material , welcoming to contact and joining Esthetics and Functionality in an interesting manner . Alongside our creators and a consistently creating creation group we at IDEAVIT are creating items with this adaptable material that will face whatever your life may toss at it.

Product Description

  • Ovale Shape Bathtub
  • 69 " x 39 " x 26 " - 466 LBS
  • Drain & P-Trap Included
  • O/Flow & MatteWhite Trim on Pop-Up
  • Matte White 1/4" Thick Edge
  • W/ Adjustable Feet
  • Water Cap.: 102 Gal to O/Flow

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