Keiser A300 CHEST PRESS PRO Model 1338

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The ultimate in Chest Power is our Chest Press Pro. A 600-pound Chest Press to challenge the strongest among us, at speeds that challenge the fastest. Power (Watts) = Force x Velocity. Simply put, Power is Strength times Speed. You can’t produce Power if you are strong and slow or fast and weak. The only way you produce real Power is to be strong and fast. At Keiser, we focus on building strength at game speed.


  • HEIGHT76” / 1931 mm
  • WIDTH43” / 1092 mm
  • DEPTH51” / 1296 mm
  • WEIGHT198 lbs / 90 kg
  • RESISTANCE RANGE0 - 596 lbs / 0 - 270 kg


  • Enhanced resistance up to 600 pounds
  • Smooth Keiser Dynamic Variable Resistance
  • Durable construction engineered for years of use
  • Large digital display with resistance and counted repetitions

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