Keiser A300 HIP ADDUCTOR Model 2431

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It takes two to tango. Hip adduction at speed is also essential in human performance, whether it is breaking world records or improving your stability and mobility as you age. Your lower body is your active base of support and needs to move quickly in all directions. The Keiser Hip Abductor, Adductor, and Standing Hip are the only hip machines that can train these all-important muscles at the speed of life. The Hip Adductor, with its adjustable starting position, can also be used for stretching your adductor muscles.


  • HEIGHT:49” / 1245 mm
  • WIDTH:61” / 1549 mm
  • DEPTH:65” / 1651 mm
  • WEIGHT:231 lbs / 105 kg
  • RESISTANCE RANGE:0 – 521 lbs / 0 – 237 kg


  • Increased resistance range for more intense functional workouts
  • Smooth Keiser Dynamic Variable Resistance
  • Fully adjustable to accommodate a wide range of users
  • Bilateral movement for body symmetry training
  • Large digital displays with resistance and counted repetitions

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