Keiser A300 LEG PRESS with A420 Computer Display

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A300 LEG PRESS with A420 Computer Display

Your lower body is your primary means of support and mobility and contains the largest amount of muscle mass in your body. To efficiently exercise this muscle mass, the A300 Leg Press was designed with a higher foot plate to increase hip flexion and decrease knee flexion. This maximizes glute activation by causing them to work harder at the beginning of the movement. The decreased knee flexion reduces shearing forces, thus preserving the health of your knees. The separate foot plates allow you to train each leg independently, the way we function.



  • Offers unilateral movement – each limb can be trained symmetrically
  • Increased resistance range for more intense functional workouts
  • Smooth Keiser Dynamic Variable Resistance
  • Fully adjustable to accommodate a wide range of users
  • Bilateral movement for body symmetry training
  • Large digital displays with resistance and counted repetitions


48” / 1219 mm
38” / 965 mm
69” / 1753 mm
312 lbs / 142 kg
0 - 1200 lbs / 0 - 545 kg

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