Keiser A350 Seated Butterfly Strength Training Machine

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The chest contains one of the largest muscle groups in the body. As such, it is important to train these muscles in a variety of ways. The Seated Butterfly adds that variety and is a great addition to one of our chest presses. We’ve added multiple adjustments to this machine to optimize your workout and minimize the stress on your shoulders. The independent arms allow you to cross over your chest to exercise through the full range of motion. The adjustable seat enhances the ability to work the upper and lower pectoral muscles.


  • Unique axis of rotation allows greater range of motion in natural planes of movement
  • Smooth Keiser Dynamic Variable Resistance
  • Fully adjustable to accommodate a wide range of users
  • Durable construction engineered for years of use
  • Large digital display with resistance and counted repetitions


HEIGHT:  72” / 1829 mm

WIDTH:   50” / 1270 mm

DEPTH:   63” / 1600 mm

WEIGHT: 225 lbs / 102 kg

RESISTANCE RANGE: 0 - 129 lbs / 0-59 kg

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