Keiser Functional Trainer Model 3020

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Just because you can pull a cable in a variety of directions doesn’t make it functional. It’s pulling at the speed we perform that makes it truly functional. We designed this machine to be faster than the fastest human being, so we could properly train any movement, at any speed, in any direction. To truly understand what this all means, you’ve got to try it. Once you do, you will understand true FUNCTION. The Functional Trainer MUST be purchased with either a Free-Standing Base (Model 3025) or our Floor Mount Base Plate (Model 3021) or our Extended Base Plate (Model 300836) that raises the FT up 12 inches (305 mm) for basketball teams. (The Floor Mount and Extended Base Plates must be securely anchored to a concrete floor per instruction.)*

*Failure to follow the instructions could result in the Functional Trainer coming loose from the concrete, resulting in serious injury or death. The facility assumes all liability for the anchoring of this plate.

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