Keiser M7i Wheelchair-Accessible Total Body Trainer

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The development of the M7i began as a compact unit that would fit in hallways of retirement communities for residents in wheelchairs and scooters to roll up to and exercise. From there it grew into a full-blown rehab machine. Using Keiser’s magnetic resistance technology, the M7i provides a smooth, quiet, stair climbing motion from a comfortable recumbent position. The foot plate supports the angular position of the foot through the full pedaling stroke. It articulates to minimize the change in ankle flexion as you pedal providing a more comfortable exercise. It also features an upper body resistance system for a low impact full body workout. The optional Foot and Leg Stabilizers and Wrist Straps make the M7i ideal for stroke and other brain and spinal cord injury survivors, as well as cardiac rehab patients.


  • Works with most mobility devices or a standard chair
  • A low-impact workout that delivers accurate, measurable results
  • Easily transportable and features the smallest footprint in its class
  • 7-inch pedal stroke matches the height of actual stairs, allowing users to mimic real-world requirements in daily activity
  • Low pedal height, making it easier for users to engage the unit
  • Back and side walls on the pedals help keep the user’s foot on footpad
  • Pedal geometry that limits ankle flexion
  • An easy to read display, with large lettering and high contrast, shows the Gear you are in, Kcals burned, Total Steps Climbed, Steps/Minute, Elapsed Time, Watts, METS, and Heart Rate, if using a compatible chest strap
  • Keiser Integrated Technology to record and track progress




44” / 1118 mm


28” / 711 mm


38.5” / 978 mm


142 lbs / 65 kg


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