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Doctor Based - The ONLY sauna designed by doctors. Made to improve blood flow, reduce headaches and migraines, heal your muscles, and achieve absolute pain relief for a better night's sleep.

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Capacity 3-6 people
Ultra Full Spectrum Heaters™ - 100X Stronger 15
Type of Heat: Hybrid
Traditional Sauna Stove
Hot/Cold Cleansing System™
Detox Routine™
Insulated Airflow System™
3D Surround Heat Therapy™
Safe Cool Down System™
Skin Rejuvenation/Cleansing System™
Natural Red Cedar
Simple Touch LED Control Panel™
Clasp-together Assembly
Tempered Glass Door
Speaker System with Bluetooth/AUX/USB Connection
The Industry’s First Hot Yoga Sauna
Rapid Internal Heating System™
Energy Efficient Heating System™
Radio Functionality
Chromatic Therapy System™
Omni-Directional Heating™
Deep Ergonimic Bench Seating for Extra Comfort
Interior Reading Light System™
Silent Heating System™
Audio Theater System™
Stadium Seating - 2 Rows of Benches
Extra-Energy Efficient: 15% Thicker Glass & Wood Panels
Extra-Insulated Airflow System™
Extra-Rapid Internal Heating System™
Full Bench Lounge Seating™
Interior Dimensions
(WDH): 75″ x 69″ x 78″
Exterior Dimensions
(WDH): 80″ x 73″ x 97″
Operating Voltage
Single Phase 220V-250V/30amp
Spectrum 3300W/Stove 6000 Watts
Weight 605 lbs.

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