Shelter Logic 10x10x8 ft. / 3x3x2,4 m (3) Rib Peak Style Grow It Greenhouse-in-a-Box; Translucent Cover w/Side Vents; (1) 2-Zipper Door w/Screened Window; (1) Back Panel w/Screened Window

Shelter LogicSKU: 70656

Color: Translucent

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The GrowIT Greenhouse-in-a-Box® with Easy-Flow™ roll-up side vents delivers quality construction, quick and easy assembly, and best-in-class value. Ready to build out of the box, the GrowIT Greenhouse-in-a-Box® with Easy-Flow™ features a powder-coated 1-3/8 in. steel frame with ShelterLock steel stabilizers for added strength and durability. The translucent, ripstop cover is waterproof and UV-treated, providing enhanced illumination -- for plant growth and protection. Easy Slide cross rails ensure a snug cover fit while Ratchet Tite tensioning provides solid cover anchoring to the frame. Easy-Flow™ side panels and zippered half-moon end-panel vents provide airflow and temperature control.

  • Peak style design for growing plants, starting seeds and extending growing seasons.
  • Patented metal ShelterLock stabilizers for added strength and durability.
  • Powder-coated 1-3/8 in. steel frame
  • Triple-layer, heat bonded ripstop translucent cover
  • Roll-up side panels and half moons screen vents at each end provide optimal airflow and temperature control.
  • Easy Slide cross rails for a snug cover fit
  • Temporary anchors included.


Width 10 ft.
Length 10 ft.
Height 8 ft.
Size 10 x 10 x 8 ft.
Total Storage Area 97.59 sq. ft.
Total Storage Volume 621 cu. ft.
Rib Tubing Diameter 1.34 in.
Assembled Exterior Dimensions Width 117.45 in.
Assembled Exterior Dimensions Depth 119.65 in.
Assembled Exterior Dimensions Height 98.2 in.
Assembled Interior Dimensions Width 114.77 in.
Assembled Interior Dimensions Depth 116.97 in.
Assembled Interior Dimensions Height 96.86 in.
Door Opening Width Top 40 in.
Door / Entrance Width Bottom 120 in.
Door / Entrance Height Outside 82 in.
Wall Height 76.05 in.
Peak Height 22.15 in.

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