Shelter Logic 10x15 ST Pop-up Canopy, Purple Cover, Black Roller Bag

Shelter LogicSKU: 22704

Color: Purple

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The ShelterLogic straight leg pop-up features an open top combined with sturdy construction and stylish design. Ideal for use as vendor or special event canopy.


Manufacturer ShelterLogic
Series HD Series
Style Peak
Color Purple
Frame Color White
Assembly Required Yes
Storage Bag Yes



Width 10 ft.
Length 15 ft.
Height 11 ft.
Size 10 x 15 ft.
Rib Tubing Diameter 1.1 in.
Assembled Exterior Dimensions Width 127.75 in.
Assembled Exterior Dimensions Depth 191.25 in.
Assembled Exterior Dimensions Height 132.5 in.
Assembled Interior Dimensions Width 125.55 in.
Assembled Interior Dimensions Depth 189.05 in.
Assembled Interior Dimensions Height 131.4 in.
Door / Entrance Width Bottom 300 in.
Wall Height 82.5 in.
Peak Height 50 in.

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