Shelter Logic Garage-in-a-Box Crossover/Small Truck 11 x 20 x 9 ft. 6 in.

Shelter LogicSKU: 62709

Color: Gray/Grey

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The Garage-in-a-Box SUV/Small Truck 11 x 20 x 9 ft. is the perfect portable, durable small truck garage or larger sedan. This unit is functional and affordable, and we make assembly easier than before. Unlike other pre-fab garage or truck storage units, the Garage-in-a-Box Crossover Small Truck Garage ships in a single box and comes with easy to follow assembly instructions. The patented alpine design also easily sheds snow and rain off the building, making it less likely that moisture will accumulate on the roof of the structure. Reinforced rafters add stability and strength to the unit, making it a reliable, portable and practical storage or garage for your small truck or sedan.

  • Extra-tall, patented alpine design makes it easier to clear the garage with your small truck or vehicle
  • Garage door opening up to 6 ft., 10 in, high
  • Garage-in-a-Box Crossover Small Truck Garage offers up to 1592 cubic feet of storage or shelter space
  • Reinforced rafters add stability and overall strength to the unit
  • Unique alpine shape of the garage sheds rain and snow more easily than most peak or round buildings, preventing moisture from accumulating on the roof of your structure
  • Patented ShelterLock frame stabilizers and cross rail connectors square up the frame of your shelter and provide stability to your structure
  • All-steel frame is powder coated for added protection against corrosion and rust

Product Details

SKU 62709


Assembly Manual Download (PDF)


Manufacturer ShelterLogic
Series Garage-in-a-Box
Style Arch
Material Polyethylene 7.5 oz
Color Gray
Frame Color Gray
Door Type 1 Double Zippered Door
Assembly Required Yes


Width 11 ft.
Length 20 ft.
Height 9.5 ft.
Size 11 x 20 x 9.5 ft.
Total Storage Area 219.81 sq. ft.
Total Storage Volume 1591.63 cu. ft.
Rib Tubing Diameter 1.65 in.
Assembled Exterior Dimensions Width 132.52 in.
Assembled Exterior Dimensions Depth 238.86 in.
Assembled Exterior Dimensions Height 114.29 in.
Assembled Interior Dimensions Width 129.21 in.
Assembled Interior Dimensions Depth 235.55 in.
Assembled Interior Dimensions Height 112.64 in.
Door Opening Width Top 91
Door / Entrance Width Bottom 102.44 in.
Door / Entrance Height Outside 81.79 in.
Wall Height 56.79 in.
Peak Height 57.51 in.


Warranty 1 Year Limited
Waterproof Yes
Water-Resistant Yes
Proposition 65 No

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