Amsec Wide Body Single Door Cash Drawer Safes Front Load, Black

AmsecSKU: BWB2020

Color: Black

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BWB Series – Wide Body Standard Features



3-way locking mechanism consisting of five 1″ diameter chromed steel locking bolts.
Locks and relocks protected by a large carburized hard plate.
Auxiliary spring-loaded relocking device.
Convenient, door-mounted, recessed coin rack.



Massive ½” thick solid steel door, recessed for resistance to pry attacks.
Bolt detent system keeps bolts retracted when the door is open, then automatically engages when door is shut.
U.L. listed Group II, key changeable combination lock standard on safe.


Formed high tensile steel body and jamb construction to maximize protection against pry attack.
Reinforced internal jambs on all four sides to provide protection against sledgehammer attack.
Large capacity for storage of cash trays.



Weight 154 lbs
Inside Dimensions

19.75"H x 19.75"W x 17"D

Outside Dimensions

20"H x 20"W x 20"D

Clear Door

14.75"H x 16.25"W

Cubic Inches






Locking Codes:

  • K/CL LB BD RD   See below Codes


LOCKING CODES                                                     
BD          Bolt Detent                                       
CL           Combination Lock                          
DL           Key Day Lock                                    
EL           Electronic Lock                        
KL           Key Lock Standard                  
LB           Locking Bolt Live                     
RD          Relocking Device                      


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